Friday, June 22, 2012

Your Font

If I am to label my posts, those posts that are related to you in a different font, I believe my page will not be in the default font anymore. I do not struggle on missing you (maybe sometimes I do), but I feel sorry about not having the chance to declare you as the chosen one.


Ain't this the human nature? We always want things or people that are special, extraordinary and outstanding. What is wrong with it then? I know you are special. By all means everyone's special in someone else's heart. I believe I deserve to be special, and I deserve to be with the special one. You are special to me. I know deep down your heart you feel that too. Is it cowardice that stops you from coming further? Is it fear that makes you motionless in this relationship?

I've always believed that taking the lead can guarantee us a greater chance in getting what we want. But the faith slowly fades when you no longer show much care. Am I the only one who gets it wrongly? The hints, the actions of yours were just plain entertainment? You care no more now? I do not believe. I know deep down the hearts of ours are eagerness. The eagerness to get together, the eagerness to step into a whole new life.

If ever in our lives, we manage to get together, I will not be myself anymore. The fear of losing you will definitely draw me in becoming a different person. Perhaps this is the best way for us. The question is always there, and it shall never be answered. Perhaps an undefined relationship shall remain sweet in our memories till the end of our lives.

Getting into a new life can end this, I believe.
Whatever remains, will remains. Whatever remains, will constantly reminds. Whatever reminds, shall be in Italic font from now on.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Message

我很心痛: 我爱我的国家,但是这个国家没有言论自由、没有新闻自由、没有民主!在这个聚会,你们甚至漠视了人民的基本人权!

无知的人们:如果你还不知道BERSIH的意义,如果你还认为是大家没有安分守己、无中生有、多此一举,那么请你们了解了背后的意义之后才来吠(对不起,我的意思是 - 发言)!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Read

I'm not really used to the new Blogger yet, but I'm back to my blogging life again.
What lays within a girl's mind is always her imagination with no boundaries.
Imagination with no boundaries - YOU DON'T SAY?
And the best way for her to best execute her imaginary power is through reading.
As a Mass Comm student, I've wrote pretty much an amount of fictions and featured writing. It is about putting in your imagination and make it even more appealing by adding in more details.
The details are the key that leads to imagination. Objects, colors, clothing and scenery can definitely make the story or scenes easier to imagine.
I love reading novels, of course not all genre of them.
I tend to choose English novels based on their cover for unique covers can always gain my attention.

Lauren Weisberger (author of The Devil Wears Prada) and her pieces has never failed to impress me. The way she pictured girls of different society and how they perceive LOVE and RELATIONSHIP is always striking for me. She has the ability to lead her readers into the world of love and fashion, jealousy and materialistic, however full of hope and dream.

Another author that I'm really into these days - Ally Condie.
Her Matched trilogy shall be awesome, however I'm just done with the first one - Matched.

I shall wait no time to continue with the other 2: Crossed and Reached. 

Anyhow I'm currently hooked with the latest and most discussed topic.
I've watched the movie "The Hunger Games" and I've decided to get myself Suzanne Collin's copy of it.
I'm now only in the first book of the trilogy, which is been filmed.

Behold, for I shall have a review once I'm done with it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now only I realize I dedicated so many of my posts for him.
Bad thing, bad thing!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Trust me, reading back your previous post might be the worst decision ever in your life.
My reaction was "OH GOD WHY" when I read back those posts.
I was that annoying? Why no one tells me about that? Those posts are like wtf, I can't believe that. That period of time did not exist. Please do not recall about my time during my Pre-U period. My posts were like:

"You know arrr,
I tell you all arrr...."

To the max! Arghhh......

Anyway, a new update about my current life.
I'm now in my Year 2, however taking majority Year 3 subjects. It ain't easy to balance between play hard and study hard and obviously I'm more on my angel's side this semester. Less outings, however the fun were still there. Life with the babes are never dull as we still managed to hang around most of the time. Even hang around in campus can be fun sometimes! We were as usual busy with assignments, fun and challenging assignments I would say. Everyday was like meeting, meeting, and more meetings! I've never been so frequent to the library in my life. Imagine me spending almost everyday in the library. So NERDY.
Anyway, am not done yet with the semester, 1 quiz and 1 research paper to go. THE HORROR!

5 subjects left! Tee Hee!
Semester break soon! Tee Hee!

Another out-of-topic thingy:

Awwwww........ <3